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It is hard to describe just how good the mountain biking actually is here. Give us a call and let us show you how fantastic it can be.
  • Year round biking
  • 350+ days a year
  • Elevations from 2000' to 11,000'
  • Slick rock mesa tops
  • Single track with Zion views
  • Alpine meadows
  • Aspen groves
  • Low desert cruising
  • One way Shuttle service
  • Long and varied loop rides
  • Bikes, helmets, gloves and camelbacks provided

Mountain Biking for Zion National Park, Hurricane, Goosebury, and Navajo Lake Trail RidesZion views Mesa
Groomed dirt single track weaving through the sagebrush leads to a fun wash and brief climb onto a slick rock bench. Beautifully sculpted stone leads past several potholes and expanses of petrified wood with stunning views of the western walls of Zion National Park.
10 mile loop
Fantastic Views
Technical diff: 3+
Average time: 3 hours


Jem Trail
A down hill romp through the foothills at the base of gooseberry mesa. Sagebrush slalom course weaves through wash, over small ledges, and around drainages to finish on a single track cliff 100 feet above the Virgin river.
7 mile point to point Shuttle Required
12 mile loop with dirt road return ride
Fast fun single track
Technical Diff: 3-
Average time: 2 hours

Jem Trail/ Gould's Hurricane Rim
Ride the down hill cruise of the Jem trail to the shuttle. Then drive back up the hill and roll down the other side of the Hurricane cliffs along the rim of Gould's Wash. The final rocky road will have your brakes smoking.
14 mile point to point (shuttle required)
Down-hillers delight
Technical Diff: 3-
Average time: 4 hours

Hurricane Rim Loop
20 mile loop that combines the best terrain that the desert has to offer. A brutal mile long climb onto Gould's rim leads through remote areas of the hurricane cliffs to the start of the Jem trail. Downhill cruising and weaving through the sagebrush then up again along the rim of the virgin river back to the trail head.
20 mile loop
Leg, lung, and eyeball workout
Technical diff: 3+
Average time: 5 hours

Church Rocks
Intro to slick rock riding 101. This short trail is an excellent primer on the subtleties of slick rock riding. Rock, sand boulders and beautiful views of a distant Zion National Park mark this quick and fun trail.
6 mile loop
Fun and challenging
Technical diff: 3+
Average Time: 2 hours

Gooseberry Mesa
One of the best mountain bike rides in the US. Several fantastic loop rides along the top of the mesa. Slick rock riding from tame to insane connected together with dirt single track through the juniper forest. Awesome riding with incredible views of the desert southwest. Rated the #1 ride in the US by mountain bike mag.
Several loops from 5 to 15 miles long
Stellar views and superb riding
Tech diff: 3-5+
Average time: 3-5 hours

Little Creek Mesa

Lesser known, and less consistently technical than Gooseberry, this 10—14 mile loop offers stunning views and spectacular riding around the rim and across the slick rock expanses of Little Creek Mesa. Route finding skills and adequate preparation, are required for this scenic and isolated ride.
10-'14 mile loop
Leave the crowds behind
Tech diff: 4
Average time 3-4 hours


Stuki Springs/ Bear Paw Poppy Trail
Fun cruising through the clay foothills west of St.George. A combination of several trail head and shuttle options offer a variety of ride choices from sweet single track coasting to spirit crushing hills. A maze of low desert single track that will have you sweating in January.
13 mile point to point (many shuttle options available)
4 season riding with great views
Tech diff: 3
Average time 2-5 hours

Navaho Lake
High elevation cruising through the spruces, aspens and summer wildflowers. This trail is a spectacular ride when everything else is baking in the Utah summer heat. Easy single track around the lake can be connected with the virgin river rim trail for a high elevation test of lung and leg power.
11 mile loop around lake ( cherry stem options abound)
Summer and fall riding
Tech diff: 2 - 3
Average time: 2 - 5 hours

The mountain biking trails in Washington County, Utah have all of the of the red rock beauty and slick rock adventure of the famed Moab trails. However, they come with less people and year-round access, making Washington County, Utah’s best location for a mountain biking vacation.

This extreme southwestern section of Utah boasts of having clear skies on upwards of 300 days every year. Outdoor temperatures are only a passing problem for a couple months each summer. July and August bring daytime highs of around 110 degrees, but for the rest of the year temperatures range from the mid-fifties to low-eighties. However, the high summer temperatures can be avoided by starting out on your mountain biking tour early in the morning and getting off the trail before noon. Then spend the rest of the day relaxing by the pool or riding some mountain biking trails found in Pine Valley located above St. George.

When planning a mountain biking vacation in southwestern Utah, plan to have more trails than time. From beginner trails to hard-core, hair-raising expert trails, Washington County, Utah has them all. One of the most popular mountain biking systems found in southwestern Utah is the Gooseberry Mesa. This system of mountain biking trails covers enough area to keep mountain biking vacationers busy for weeks. The trails have been appropriately named, so make your mountain biking trail choices wisely. For example, beginners should stay away from the God’s Skateboard Park trail at all cost and experts may find the Slickrock 101 trail a tad boring.

Another heart stopping mountain biking trail found in Washington County, Utah is the Broken Mesa trail. According to local mountain biking enthusiasts, riding this trail is the “most fun” you can have on a mountain bike. They suggest that you only attempt this mountain biking trail if you are an advanced or strong intermediate technical rider. This trail is approximately 7-miles one-way, but can be done as a loop. It is downhill singletrack is best taken on a plush full-suspension bike and is filled with tight passages and loads of lava rock.

For those looking for a more relaxed scenic ride, the mountain biking trail found within the boundaries of Zion National Park is the prefect trail. There is no off-road biking aloud in the park. However, the parks mandatory shuttle service makes the road safe and clean for those walking or mountain biking through the park. These are just a few of the amazing mountain biking trails that can be found in Washington County, Utah. Many of these exciting trails are within a few minutes drive of area cities and towns

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